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Here you can find information about security in the nightclub, bar, and hospitality industry. Check out our podcast to listen in on entertaining and informative topics and interviews with expert Robert C. Smith and host Manny Marquez or head over to our blog to read about the latest topics and resources affecting the industry.

NSC is primarily a training and education company, we have many programs to help us address liquor liability issues in bars and clubs. We use onsite evaluations, job specific training programs, unique insight and a one of a kind method to help operators raise their standards and lower liquor liability.

Besides our training expertise, we offer several other unique services, such as;
- Licensing and Certification
- Liability Consulting
- Liability Screening
- Liability Compliance Checks
- Policy and Procedure Manuals
- Report Writing and Documentation
- CCTV Management
- Expert Opinions




Mar 13, 2021

Responsible Alcohol Service is an ongoing effort for many hospitality operators. It requires constant attention, a solid training program, and sound policies and procedures. Listen as Manny interviews Robert Pomplun, Chief Learning Officer & Founder of Serving Alcohol Inc. Serving Alcohol Inc offers comprehensive online training solutions for hospitality operators.